A downloadable game for Windows

Thank you for playing our prototype!

How To Play

WASD to move
Hold left click in front of mech to mine
Press E for upgrade your Mech or Requiel

Upgrade and Survive!

Mech Preview

You pilot Scrappy The Kobold, accompanied by your handy utility droid, W4TT, in this survival digging adventure. Our duo crash lands on an inhospitable water planet, filled with barges and waste floating in the sea. Upon crashing on a barge, it reveals a broken amalgamation underneath. The wreck named Requiel calls out to Scrappy and W4TT to help it put itself together, and offers the duo a way off the planet in return.  Time is of the essence, as the amalgamation and Scrappy are running out of life support and energy to sustain their lives…

  • Upgrade your mech and repair Requiel to become more powerful and leave this place alive!
  • Collect scrap and batteries to prolong your life support and repair the wreck!



Created By -- Yipstik Studios --

Yemmie, Jay The Adventurer, Cudler, Azure The Electroshark, Anatcorrobo, and Deadly_Ice

Made for Mech Jam IV, started on 07/07

Made with Unity


Robold Junker WIP 62 MB

Install instructions

Extract the zip file and start the Robold Junker executable to start the game.


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It's good game! I like it! And like the music too! But, after upgrading "requiel" and game ended. Looking forward to it!

fun little game, I had issues with the text boxes not advancing & repeating themselves when I upgraded Requiel though